Does your dog bite, snap, growl or just plain not listen to you? This is normal behaviour for a dog....if they were running the house, but they don't ...you do.

Many dogs with behaviour patterns like these behave poorly as a result due to lack of discipline and consistency with all the family members. Respect for your dog and respect to you from your dog result in a harmonious living space.

 The DogFather will come to your home and assess your dog with you and the family members. He will discuss with you what is necessary to change the behaviour of your dog and what is needed from the family members to commit to the changes that need to start immediately. All members must be present during this first visit in order for all to understand what changes will take place. Accountability and responsibility by all family members can be agreed upon during this visit and results should be immediate.

A follow up appointment will take place 1 week after the initial visit. At that time you and The Dogfather will decide if further appointments are needed.



$40 per hour first visit

$25 for follow-up appointments 


Call The Dogfather today for your appointment 604-392-4DOG